Hi i'm Chelcee and i live in a small town in England. I've had tumblr for a couple of years and my blog is a way of expressing my feelings. I like to talk to my followers and make new friends. I enjoy listening to Demi Lovato's music because she saved my life at some point. Anyway, enough about this i will tell you about myself. My favourite things to do include watching tv shows, reading books, going on my blog and i enjoy jogging, even though i rarely jog. I hate spiders and i don't like pasta. I love my parents a lot and i wish i made them prouder, i am just a girl achieving nothing at the minute but at some point in my life i hope to do some computer coding as a hobbie and then work in the police force. I hope to go to university in America and get a house, then my mum and brother can live with me. I currently live with my mum and brother in a small house and we don't have much money but we manage. I sometimes wish my life was different, but i am very lucky. I have many privalledges and one day i would like to give back to the world, maybe go to Africa or a third world country? Raise money and help change someone's life. That is a real achievement, helping others. I enjoy making people feel better, it gives me more confidence and makes me feel like a better person. I would like to get a decent relationship, fall in love, be married and have children, but honestly, i don't think that will happen. I am too much of a secretive person and i hate opening up, the only reason i open up on tumblr is because this is mine. No-one can hold what i say against me in the real world. Well this has been kind of fun eh? If you'd like to know more then message me :) i enjoy more company. Motor insurance quotes Virtual data rooms Insurance Data recovery raid Mesothelioma law firm Sell annuity payment Asbestos lawyers Structured annuity settlement Annuity settlements Car donate